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Travelers Insurance

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Travelers Insurance, with its symbol being a red umbrella, offers a wide range of insurance, to always keep you covered, before and after the ‘storm.’ Its insurance ranges from business to personal in order to provide customers with protection anywhere and on anything they desire, whether it is a home, business, auto, or personal object such as a tent. One of Traveler’s biggest and oldest insurance policies is the car insurance policy.

The car insurance features broad coverage to ensure protection, as well as additional, immediate help in case of an accident. Travelers car insurance policies provide you with collision coverage, covering damage done to your car due to a collision with another car, and comprehensive coverage which covers car damages resulting from fire, theft, hail, vandalism, and other such events. Travelers Insurance also provides you with bodily injury liability, which protects against a claim or lawsuit should you be considered responsible for an accident, as well as property damage liability, in case of a claim or lawsuit for the damage done to another car during an accident. Additionally, Travelers car insurance provides medical payments to pay for medical expenses in case of an accident. Optional coverage is available to cover expenses of a rental car during the time your car is being repaired, and towing of a broken auto. A Travelers car insurance features competitive rates and offers ways to reduce your premiums. Another option is to combine a Travelers car insurance policy with another policy from Travelers, which can either be in the personal or business realms, to reduce the costs as much as possible.

Travelers Insurance offers a variety of insurance and services all across the United States and beyond. Independent insurance agents and brokers distribute these products to better meet customers’ needs. It helps customers to protect themselves before something happens, and also provides help in the form of speed and professionalism once something does happen. Travelers Insurance has been in business for over 150 years, all the way from 1853, and as of that time, it has been a leader in the insurance industry. Travelers Insurance was originally formed to insure travelers against death or injury while traveling by railway or steamboat.

Its first car insurance policy was issued in 1897, and since then, the insurance company has been successful. Several years ago, the insurance company developed the first catastrophe response vehicles after Hurricane Andrew occurred. Travelers Insurance Company is constantly improving, adjusting to industry-leading technology, and finding ways to provide customers with the best protection possible.

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