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Safeway Insurance Group

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Safeway Insurance is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the business. Safeway car insurance began its operation in 1959, by providing reliable service to the greater Chicago area. With a mission designed to provide superior customer service for all, this company continuously fulfills its obligations by maintaining a valued reputation which inevitably resulted in a national expansion of their business which allowed this company to serve a wide market range. Safeway provides insurance to clients as far west as California, and well into the south eastern portion of the United States in areas like Alabama and Georgia.

Safeway promises to provide its customers with the lowest rate possible, and strives to make sure that claims are resolved quickly. It also stresses the importance of having a quality insurance policy to protect and help people with unfortunate situations like accidents with uninsured drivers, car theft, potential car-related property damages, and death or injuries. In the unlikely event of an automobile-related lawsuit, Safeway car insurance pledges to protect its drivers. Crucial additional benefits like these are one of the things that set a quality insurer apart from an inferior company providing minimal coverage. All of these added features, along with a motto of “Keeping Promises,” are intended to give a potential customer a strong feeling of relaxation and a stress free insurance experience.

With so many choices today on what company to chose, in a market that is constantly changing and growing, it seems safe to say that a well established company like Safeway has passed the test of time and Safeway has remained as a leading competitor that is often strongly considered by anyone who is in the market for an insurance policy with validity. This company seems to clearly address several common concerns that are relevant to many people in regards to car insurance, like providing timely and reliable customer service, having the appropriate capabilities and resources to be able to assist an accident victim through a smooth recovery by making things happen and getting things done efficiently, and by showing and maintaining a long and stable track record of doing good business, that they will be able to maintain their commitments in the years to follow.

This company is a privately owned insurance company that is family operated as opposed to several other companies which are publicly owned by shareholders or a subsidiary controlled by the government. This may be why Safeway has developed a marketing approach based on being more personable and friendlier than their competition.

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