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Safeco Insurance Company

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Safeco Puts Teen Insurance into the Parents’ Hands

Safeco Insurance Company’s roots goes back 90 years, when, in 1923, it was founded by Hawthorne K. Dent in Seattle, Washington as “General Insurance Company of America.” The company remained a property and casualty insurer for 30 years until 1957 when it expanded its coverage to life, auto, and fire insurance, creating a new company, the Selective Auto and Fire Ensurance Company of America, or SAFECO. By 1968, the name change had stuck.

Safeco now focuses on property and casualty insurance. Safeco car insurance plans offer the company’s more unique options, including a classic car coverage to insure valuable classics. They also have a Teensurance program for parents. These two features reflect the company’s mandate for technological innovation and customer focus.

Safeco’s Classic Car Insurance provides a safety net to car owners whose vehicles are not simply modes of transportation, but valued assets with an appreciable worth. The insurance covers antiques, classics, reproductions, replicas, and restoration vehicles. The policy contains many options. Is the car a daily driver or rarely used? Do you store it during the winter for protection? Is it the sole vehicle or part of a collection?

Safeco’s car insurance also covers the more traditional auto needs – boats, RV’s, bikes and recreational vehicles – but perhaps its most publicized option over the last few years, Teensurance, isn’t technically insurance at all. Created in 2007 by Safeco’s research and development unit Open Seas, Teensurance helps parents monitor their teenager’s safety while driving. A $19.99 a month service plan and a $199.99 package price provides parents with a Safety Beacon GPS device, professional installation, and 100 “starter credits” which are used to operate the GPS safety beacon. An additional 100 credits may be purchased for $29.99. Some of the safety beacon’s features include: 24 hour road side assistance; a driving curfew and speed alert, which notify parents if the car is driven past a current hour or driven beyond a designated speed; and a real time GPS tracker to monitor the car’s location.

Safeco continually adapts to new technological demands, risks, and consumer recreations. These types of coverage typify Safeco. Over the last decade, it has worked to integrate its coverage with the advancing technology of today while at the same time focusing on its customer needs. Though Safeco car insurance can cover a single car owner, it is well equipped to satisfy anyone in need of insurance coverage more particular to their needs, from antique car owners, to parents concerned over their teens’ safety.

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