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Penn National Insurance

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Penn National Insurance offers a variety of insurance, whether it is business insurance or personal insurance, covering properties such as a car, a home, or a business. It also offers surety bonds which are obtained through independent agents in nine states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama). Penn National Insurance sells through over 700 independent insurance agencies, which connect customers with local independent agents.

Penn National was founded in 1919 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where the headquarters are still located today. It was originally founded by a farmers’ association which was dissatisfied with high costs of workers’ compensation insurance and in response to the Automobile Law of 1913. A few years later, Penn National Insurance grew into a full service company, offering different types of insurance. As the economy changed, so did Penn National Insurance, changing its focus from an agricultural company to an industrial company with a service-economy focus. In the 1930’s, Penn National Insurance introduced the auto policy insurance, and soon the insurance company found itself writing a large amount of car insurance.

Penn National Car Insurance is one of the many types of insurances available. The auto policy provides customers with protection including medical payments to cover medical bills, bodily injury liability coverage to cover medical bills for injuries resulting from a crash, and property damage liability coverage which covers the damage caused to cars resulting from a crash. Penn National Car Insurance also provides uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage, which pays for medical bills resulting from a crash caused by a driver without insurance or without enough insurance, collision coverage which pays for repairs needed to your car after a crash and other-than-collision (comprehensive) coverage, which pays for repairs to your car resulting from damage other than a collision.

Additionally, Penn National offers other coverage depending on your state’s availability and requirements. As additional premiums, Penn National Car Insurance recommends auto loan/lease coverage, replacement cost auto coverage and umbrella liability policy, which provides additional liability coverage for your cars, home, and other personal assets. Penn National also offers discounts, as well as advice on how to lower auto insurance premiums.

Penn National Car Insurance provides its customers with many benefits, to feel better protected before, as well as after a crash. The different options the insurance offers can be carefully reviewed and combined to offer customers the ideal protection according to their needs and state in which they reside, and to help save money.

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