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OneBeacon Insurance Group

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OneBeacon is a long-standing business in the insurance industry. The company’s beginnings date back to 1831 with the Potomac Fire Insurance company. Ever since then they have maintained a high quality of customer service and industry integrity. The company is widely known and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Its symbol is “OB.”

The company prides itself on its fast and fair claims service, particularly in the OneBeacon car insurance program. Their insurance agents are experienced and well-informed, and they take every client seriously. No claim is too big or too small. OneBeacon serves a variety of different markets and the experience of its agents allows the company to understand and underwrite a variety of distinct consumer groups. With much of its business in the Northeast (even though the company is headquartered in Bermuda), the company has an interest in the area and understands vehicle issues particular to the region.

The company sells insurance through a network of select and elite agents. Agents provide customized service. Agents work with you to file claims and adjust your rates. They can provide advice and work next to clients in order to help them with their OneBeacon car insurance policies. OneBeacon also prides itself on fast claims resolution. Local adjusters work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. That way, claims can be quickly investigated and resolved.

Since the company has strong beginnings dating back to the 1830s, consumers can count on their economic stability. Stable and secure, OneBeacon has strong financial backing. Indeed, the company regularly and consistently receives an excellent rating from A.M. Best, an organization that rates the financial strength of insurance companies. Consumers need not worry about whether or not the company has the funds to complete claims or that the company will fold financially, even in these difficult economic times.

OneBeacon car insurance offers standard coverage for liability, property damage and medical costs. Agents can also tailor a policy to include such features as roadside assistance, GAP insurance, replacement parts from the original manufacturer, and rental reimbursement if you have to rent a car while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident. Moreover, the company delivers insurance for almost every kind of driver, and agents can speak with consumers about their individual needs. The company also offers comprehensive insurance coverage. This package is where you combine your home and auto insurance through OneBeacon; though the package is optional, it is available. With so many options, it’s easy to know why this company has been in business so long and continues on an upward path.

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