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Metlife Insurance Company

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When it comes to meeting your insurance needs, Metlife Insurance Company has been in the business for over 140 years. Metlife displays a strong and proud history of leadership, strong investments, a great deal of social responsibility, and a consistent track record of innovation of its products and services. Metlife’s vision has transformed into a vision of financial security and freedom for its millions of individual and industrial customers. Metlife’s long-term success in the industry has made Metlife Insurance Company a trusted brand of many. In 2002, Metlife renewed a contract allowing the company to adopt Snoopy and his Peanuts gang as their company mascot for the next 10 years. Now, the Metlife brand is more trusted and recognizable than ever.

Metlife not only provides quality car insurance, but strives to insure your lifestyle. Metlife provides the ability for you to customize your policy to fit your specific and individual needs. Metlife care insurance offers an array of options to provide drivers with the coverage they need. Metlife auto policyholders have the option to take advantage of Auto Advantage and all of its great benefits. Auto Advantage provides several additional coverage, including: full replacement cost, $50 deductible credits for every year without a claim, guaranteed repairs, enhanced coverage, 24 hour claims service, and additional discounts and awards for safe driving.

Metlife car insurance strives to provide the most complete coverage to its policyholders. Metlife offers liability coverage that covers both bodily injury and property damage. The company’s collision and comprehensive coverage offers new car replacement, major parts replacement, glass repairs without a deductible and a guaranteed repair program. Metlife auto policyholders also have the options to take advantage of not so standard coverage like uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage, enhanced rental car coverage, flexible payment options, and several other additional features.

Taking advantage of Metlife car insurance in addition to one of their many other insurance products offered, may qualify policyholders for multiple policy discounts. In addition to auto insurance, Metlife offers life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, and home insurance. Metlife’s insurance products have provided Metlife with its reputation as a recognized and well trusted brand. Millions of families and businesses confidently put their trust, lifestyle, and financial security in the hands of Metlife, a company with a proud history of leadership, strong investments, social responsibility, and consistent innovation. Metlife has been successfully meeting the insurance and financial needs of its customers for over 140 years. When it comes to providing a quality insurance product, Metlife has remained a leader in the industry for years.

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