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Liberty Mutual Group

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Of all of the nation’s most popular insurance companies, few are as large or as well-known as Liberty Mutual. Known officially as Liberty Mutual Group, this company specializes in offering tailored insurance products and services to consumers in a variety of areas, including homeowners, personal auto, general liability, and workers’ compensation.

This insurance company was founded in 1912 in Massachusetts, and has since grown to become the world’s fifth-largest insurance company, employing over 45,000 employees in over 900 locations. Originally, LM was created as a result of a Massachusetts law that required employers to offer workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. Two years later, in 1914, LM wrote its first automobile insurance policy, which quickly became one of the company’s main products.

Over the past 90 years, this company has diversified into virtually every major field of insurance in existence today. Part of this company’s strategy has been acquiring other insurance companies, most recently in 2008. This business strategy has allowed LM to expand and grow and offer its products and services to a wide range of consumers for a wide variety of needs.

Currently, life insurance and automobile insurance are two of the company’s main areas of interest. Every year, millions of policies are written in these two areas, giving LM a considerable reputation for its depth and breadth of coverage offered. LM has made this process easier by launching several online portals. The customer can obtain quotes for Liberty Mutual car insurance and learn more information about specific policy packages and coverage amounts.

LM also offers numerous discounts for Liberty Mutual car insurance, including discounts for restraint devices, low mileage driving, good students, multiple cars on the same policy, and multiple policies with the company (such as an auto insurance policy and a homeowners insurance policy). Furthermore, LM offers accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and guaranteed repairs with their Total Liberty Care repair shops. (Note that this service is not available in Alaska.)

LM insurance policies cover liability, medical payments, personal injury protection, uninsured motorists, collisions, unlimited rental coverage, and parts replacement.

Liberty Mutual has garnered an excellent reputation for service and reliability. As a matter of fact, 91% of its customer base renews their coverage every year with the company. Those who wish to choose a company that has a tradition of providing auto insurance coverage and insurance policies in other areas should examine what LM has to offer and see if the company is right for them. They are a company definitely worth checking out.

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