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Federated Mutual Insurance Company

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Federated Insurance is a mutual firm based in Owatonna, Minnesota. The company specializes in multiple lines of business insurance and risk management services. In addition to the company’s corporate headquarters in Minnesota, Federated Mutual Insurance has regional offices in Atlanta and Phoenix and several service offices across the United States. Federated Mutual Insurance company currently employs over 2,700 employees and operates in markets in all lower-48 states and the District of Columbia.

Federated Mutual Insurance Company was started in 1904 by a small group of business people, led by equipment dealer, Charles I. Buxton. The goal of the company, then and now, was to provide insurance products that were more business focused than other firms specializing in consumer products. In the mid-1900s John A. Buxton, son of Charles, took over the leadership of Federated Mutual Insurance Company. Under his leadership, Federated Mutual Insurance became one of the first American companies to offer businesses simultaneous coverage for property, liability, and health insurance needs.

Today, Federated Mutual provides a variety of insurance products. The company specializes in business insurance and provides companies in various trade industries with property, casualty, group health, and life insurance products. Federated also provides a variety of business oriented risk management services including: on-site evaluations, loss analysis, safety training, and disaster planning services.

Federated Mutual Insurance also offers a small selection of personal insurance products to Minnesota residents. Available personal insurance products include auto, homeowners and renters, and personal umbrella insurance policies.

There are several personal policy options available to Minnesota residents under the Federate Mutual car insurance arm of the company. Federated Mutual offers “driver’s choice” coverage options that allow the consumer to customize their personal auto insurance policy. While many auto insurers only guarantee policy rates for six month periods, Federated Mutual car insurance guarantees its policy rates for a period of twelve months.

In addition to the protection coverage offered to Minnesota residents under Federated Mutual car insurance policies, the company offers various discounts to safe drivers. Federated Mutual car insurance offers accelerated discounts for responsible drivers that lack violations and accidents for a period of five years. The company also offers discounts for insurance policy holders who have a history of a responsible credit usage or who hold long-term policies and/or multiple policies.

In summary, Federated Mutual Insurance Company specializes in a variety of business insurance products. Although the majority of the business conducted by Federated Mutual Insurance is in the area of business insurance, the firm also offers personal insurance policy coverage, including car insurance, to customers living in Minnesota.

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