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Farmers Insurance Group

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Farmers Insurance is a well known entity in the insurance business and is the supplier for over 15 million consumers, making it the third largest provider in the US. Offering business in 41 states, it continues to see growth through its exclusive companies and independent agents. While it is largely known for providing automobile and homeowner’s insurance, Farmers Insurance also caters to a vast number of other insurance and financial products and services.

More than 80 years ago, Farmers Insurance began conducting business as a simple insurance company devoted to insuring framers and their vehicles. Today, Farmers car insurance offers an annual policy which keeps a fixed rate for the entire year, as well as answers to some of consumers’ most pressing questions when purchasing car insurance. There is also a “FarmersFlex” program available which will allow accident forgiveness and lock in a base rate for up to 3 years. Farmers car insurance also insists that claims will be handled as promptly as possible with its Help Point Claim Services department which is solely dedicated to resolve claim issues in a step by step manner, making the process easy and seamless for both the company and the insured.

Farmers Insurance not only provides insurance needs, but the company now also has a financial sector in which its customers are able to plan and build assets as well. This can be very helpful when planning life events such as buying a home, remodeling, saving for retirement or saving for college. A Financial Service agent can assist with a determining a strategy that can be tailored specifically for a customer’s needs by planning ahead.

One of the advantages that Farmers Insurance offer is their ability to offer multi-coverage or multi-line discounts on its products and services which allows its customers to create packages that suit their needs. For example, customers have the advantage of purchasing coverage for their automobile, home, business, and motorcycle all through the same provider which may qualify them for a discount saving them money. The company also offers discounts to professional and industrial groups such as police, firefighters, teachers, nurses and doctors. There are also discounts available for those who drive hybrids, own two or more vehicles, homeowners and even new parents.

Farmers Insurance offers more than just car insurance. It offers a wide selection of other products and services in which the consumer can combine to create a plan that not only fits their budget, but is also compatible to suit their needs to protect and build their assets.

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