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Top 5 worst car tattoos

There are many reasons to get a tattoo – an homage to your favorite band. In memory of your beloved childhood pet poodle. To commemorate that time you ate seven Double-Doubles at In-N-Out

However, some people are so inspired by cars that they decide to permanently imprint one on their bodies. And some of these tattoos go horribly wrong. Here are 5 of the worst car tattoos you’ll hopefully never see again.

1. Baldly stated. 

worst car tattoo Chevy head

Photo via Complex

His stubble adds a classy textural touch. Plus look at the detailing on those rivets! I only hope that this gentleman remains a lifelong Chevy customer because things could get mighty awkward if he swapped out for a Prius.  

2. Zombie car.

worst car tattoo blur

Photo via GTAMC

Zombies have arrived! And they’re driving a seriously beaten up, bruise-colored Ford Mustang. 

3. Right on brand.

bad car tattoo audi

Photo via Team Jimmy Joe

When you think Audi, you probably think sleek German engineering and cutting edge technology. Things you don’t think about: A terrifying manicure and one of the most amateur attempts at an Audi logo ever committed to skin.

4. Not great for staying under the radar.

bad car tattoo bentley

Photo via NY Daily News

Derek Denesevich, a Florida resident, recently turned himself in to authorities for stealing other people’s identities, a crime spree which had netted him a cool $120,000. And in continuing with the theme of making bad decisions, Denesevich appears to have entrusted a 9-year-old to etch the Bentley logo onto his forehead. 

5. A permanent fan.

bad car tattoo nascar

Via Grassroots Motorsports

10 points for the use of color and for what is undeniably a grand passion for Nascar. I bet this lady is the ultimate tailgate party star whenever Nascar season rolls around. 

What are the worst car tattoos you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments below. 

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