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Windshield Repair And How Auto Insurance May Cover The Costs

If you have subscribed to comprehensive car insurance the policy would provide coverage for windshield repair or replacement. However prior to filing a claim you need to understand exactly what aspects the policy will cover overall expenses and options provided by the policy for replacement.

The first thing to know is that comprehensive type of car insurance is an optional kind of coverage and hence is not mandatory as per state laws. In case you have an existing car loan or have leased your vehicle the insurance company would need you to opt for comprehensive coverage. This kind of coverage will compensate you in the case of windshield replacement or repair.

If you have an individual policy the extent of coverage and premiums will vary based on the respective insurance company you are dealing with. Make sure to do a thorough review on your car policy to understand the costs and coverage.

Most times, the car insurance company will make payment for minor damages to the car windshield. For example, if there has been a crack on the windshield the insurance provider might compensate towards associated windshield repair costs. In such instances there may not be any requirement for replacing the entire windshield. However if the damage is severe the windshield might require complete replacement in which case you would need to review your policy to find out if this is covered by the insurance company or not.

For small costs associated with windshield repair, the insurance company pays for such expenses. However, in policies where coverage is provided for windshield replacement a high amount of deductible might have to be paid. States such as Massachusetts Florida South Carolina and Kentucky do not require car insurance policyholders to pay deductibles. Therefore, if you reside in one of these states you get to replace the windshield without any charge from the insurance company.

In situations where the deductible is extremely high, it could work out much cheaper to carry out windshield replacement on your own expense instead of filing insurance claim. Typically, insurance companies will review the extent of damage on the windshield. If the damage measures under a quarter in size, the costs towards repair are paid for by the insurance company. If you already have subscribed to comprehensive type of auto insurance you will need to have on hand details such as name of the insurance company the date on which the windshield damage occurred and the policy number. It is important to also know what you would want out of the windshield repair process the extent of costs you hope to have covered as well as your available options as per the policy.

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