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Will Personal Bankruptcy Affect My Auto Insurance Rate?

Will personal bankruptcy affect your auto insurance rate? The quick answer is yes. If you file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will likely have to pay higher auto insurance premiums. But the amount of the increase will depend on the car insurance company and your personal situation.

If you currently have cheap auto insurance and you declare bankruptcy, your premium will not suddenly skyrocket. The auto insurance company will be unaware of your bankruptcy, unless you request a review of your policy or if you buy a new car. So, you obviously don’t want to volunteer the information to your auto insurance company, or give them any reason to review your policy. You should wait as long as possible before purchasing a new car or requesting a policy review, so your rates don’t go up sooner than they have to.

The only way the bankruptcy will affect your rates is when you actually do shop for auto insurance quotes. The bankruptcy will appear on your credit report, and therefore result in a higher auto insurance quote than if you had good credit.

But, good credit is not the only determining factor when getting an auto insurance quote. Other factors such as driving history, type of car, where you live, etc. weigh just as heavily. So, while the bankruptcy will have an affect, it will not be the only variable. Its also important to note that car insurance companies are also not allowed to deny you insurance because of a bankruptcy.

The best advice is to hold on to your old car and continue with your current policy as long as possible.

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