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Why Some Car Insurance Companies Offer Discounts To Newlyweds

Did you know that many car insurance companies offer newlywed discounts? Being a newlywed can save a significant amount on your auto insurance.

Car insurance companies calculate premiums based on statistics. That's why drivers with a lot of speeding tickets pay more for car insurance: they're more likely to get in an accident. Teenagers, for example, also pay high premiums. Fortunately, married persons are considered to be safer drivers, and that's the reason for the newlywed discounts.

Even though you're the same driver you were yesterday, statistically, you're much more careful on the road. Married persons are not single and potentially reckless, and may even have a family. Certainly, most mothers and fathers drive more carefully when their children are in the car. Whatever the reason, car insurance companies have noticed that married people are less likely to file claims or get speeding tickets.

Of course, if you or your new spouse has a poor driving record, you probably won't save on auto insurance. If either of you have multiple tickets, accidents or DUIs on your record, then your rates will stay high even as a married couple. Also, if one of you has very expensive or high risk car, your rates might be high as well. In those cases, it may be better to remain on separate policies.

If your spouse isn't a good driver, but you still think it's a good idea to be on the same auto insurance policy, consider talking to him or her about their driving habits. If your spouse gets any tickets, your auto insurance rates will go up. While it may be an awkward conversation, the point of consolidating auto insurance is to save money, and both of you are responsible for driving well. Perhaps, that's another reason why married couples drive better: they feel responsible for one another.

Most likely, thanks to newlywed discounts, you two can save a fair amount of money by choosing same auto insurance policy. Car insurance companies often also offer multi-car discounts. If you each have your own car, you can save with this kind of joint policy.

In most cases, it's a good idea to consolidate your policies after you get married. You might even try comparison shopping, since you can certainly find car insurance companies that offer great newlywed discounts. Does one of you have a better policy than the other? Once you choose a company, consider raising your coverage limits, since your assets will most likely increase when you get married.

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