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Why Premiums Are Only One Factor In Evaluating Insurance Quotes

When obtaining free car insurance quotes, there are too many people that simply take into account the cost of the insurance premiums and sign up without thoroughly researching the policy. While the potential costs of your insurance premiums are a very important aspect of your car insurance policy, it shouldn’t be the only factor. You should always take in to account other things like the size of the insurance company, the coverage limits that are offered and the drivers that are covered under your policy.

Insurance premiums are usually higher for the bigger and more established insurance companies, though some have started to be more competitive with cheaper rates. The reason that premiums are usually higher for bigger insurance companies is they generally have more people to pay and a higher overhead. While this may not seem to be a big deal to you, it will be important when you file a claim. The more employees a company has the better equipped they will be to help your claim be resolved quickly.

The coverage limits that are offered on your free car insurance quotes should be scrutinized when comparing potential insurance premiums. Companies will set up the default coverage options on their websites at different intervals to try to mask their insurance coverage as being cheaper. While it is true that they are cheaper, it is also true that they are making you bear more of the risk by having lower coverage limits. Make sure your deductibles and liability limits are the same to truly compare insurance companies.

Finally, the drivers that are covered under different insurance companies will affect the free car insurance quotes that are presented. A decent amount of your rate will be determined by the driving history of the people that you have on your insurance policy and if you left someone off of one policy and added them on another policy it could change the rates significantly. Also, knowing if a company is liberal with “permissive driver” issues will tell a lot about the true coverage they provide.

When determining which free car insurance quotes are best for you it is very easy to base it solely on the amount of the insurance premiums you will be paying. However this is not the most efficient or economical way to make a decision. Make sure you are comparing comparable coverage limits, drivers covered and the solvency of the company. The insurance premiums you get will be a direct reflection of the type of service that you eventually receive.

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