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Why Lying About Your Car Insurance Record Will Not Work

Car insurance is expensive; there is no doubt about that. However, automobile insurance is mandatory, so if you drive, you must have auto insurance. Car insurance is based on a number of different factors, including your car insurance record for claims, and your driving record. Both of these are important in figuring insurance premiums.

Car Insurance is so expensive that people are sometimes tempted to cheat a little bit to save some money on their annual premiums. When asked if they've had any claims in the last few years, they might just "forget" to report that a deer had crashed into their new Chevy and totaled it. Likewise, the speeding ticket they got in a school zone last January might "slip their mind." Sometimes, people really do forget. Still more often, they know only too well that those things are in their record and neglect to report them to their insurance company.

However, today's insurance companies are equipped to spot a fibber. They utilize the latest technology to check your driving record, and your car insurance record for claims. If an accident or ticket has been reported to the state, it will get picked up in the driving records search done by your agent's computers.

Your agent will have records of all claims that you have filed, and accidents that are your fault can raise your insurance rates. A second accident in less than five years almost certainly will come with an increase in premiums. Switching insurance companies might seem like a good option, because they will not have your car insurance record. However, they will run your Bureau of Motor Vehicles report for your driving record, and it will give them information on your accidents and tickets. You will be asked to explain differences in your record from what you had previously reported. Likely, you will also be asked on the new insurance company's application whether you have filed any claims within the last few years. Keep in mind that lying on an insurance application is fraud; answer each of the application's or the agent's questions truthfully to the best of your knowledge.

If you've had a few little fender benders or speeding tickets, be truthful and acknowledge them. Instead, focus on ways you might be able to lower your car insurance. Raising the deductible can save you significantly. Adding security features, such as a passive anti-theft system, can lower your rates, as can taking a defensive driving course. If you carpool, or ride your bike to work some days, be sure that your agent knows that. Keep in mind, getting married can lower your premiums, if you are so inclined.

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