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Why Lying About An Accident Is A Bad Idea For Car Insurance Rates

Your past driving record will be scrutinized when you get a car insurance quote and several different aspects will be considered to determine your potential rate. A car accident can affect your rate and cause you to have to pay more for car insurance, but it could be even higher if you have a history of lying. You are contractually obligated to tell the truth and cooperate during a car accident investigation conducted by your insurance company; not doing so could result in a lifetime of higher rates.

First, understand that car insurance companies don't have a choice on whether or not to insure you in certain situations as the state law in many states require car insurance companies to insure even the higher risk drivers if they wish to continue business. Though it is true that the insurance company must be open to insuring you, they still get to set the rates that you must pay. This means that your history could cause you to be a heavy burden on an insurance company and this will be reflected in your rates.

Now, understanding that car insurance companies do share information about car accidents and a person's history with filing insurance claims will help you realize the importance of telling the truth. While car insurance companies are in competition with each other they are also always working together to protect each other from insurance fraud. In this spirit, they share the information about your claim when you go from one insurance company to another.

If you are to lie to a car insurance company about a car accident, it will be reflected in a car insurance quote because it shows the liabilities that you pose. Lying to a car insurance company and having it delay the potential liability payments that you are responsible for will cost them even more money than if you told the truth. Delays in repairing vehicles or paying for medical bills only makes them more costly and it will be reflected in your rates as the blame is pinned on to you.

Lying about a car accident to a car insurance company will have more repercussions than just a higher car insurance quote as you could be in trouble with the law. Insurance fraud is a big problem in our world and people who commit it face serious repercussions if they are found guilty of committing fraud. Lying to your car insurance company is only going to hurt both parties and cause you to pay more for car insurance for the rest of your life. You must ask yourself, is lying about a car accident worth it?

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