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Why Do Insurance Companies Ask Questions About Where You Park Your Car

Are you looking for car insurance quotes for the first time? Even before you can get your car insurance quote you might have an insurance agent ask you a number of questions. One of these questions may be where you park your car. This might seem like a somewhat strange question coming from a total stranger whose only job is to sell you an insurance policy. How does the parking area matter to the company who is to provide you with car insurance coverage? It may seem inconsistent, but it is in fact a major factor which could reduce or push up your premium rate.

The car insurance quote that the company will give you is based on the risk profile that you have. So if you are a regular office worker, you will have a lower premium to pay as compared to a college student. Similarly, the place where you park your car at night matters as well. If you are parking your car on the road, the rate you pay for the car insurance coverage is likely to be much higher than the rate that you will pay if you can park your car off the road in a garage. This is because of the simple fact that the car is safer at night inside a garage than it is parked on the side of the road where it is vulnerable to being hit by other drivers.

The car insurance quote that you receive is an estimate of the premium that you can be expected to pay. However, with each insurance company it is possible to get some discounts based on an individual case. So, if you are a safe driver who does not receive too many parking tickets, you can always ask for some allowances to be made in your case. A large list of factors is considered before deciding on the rate and if you can reduce some of the risk factors, then you can claim the discounts that the risk factors add to the premium.

A simple thing like finding a secure car parking spot at night can get you a discount right away. So before you blindly accept the car insurance quotes offered to you by the various car insurance companies, make sure that you take a look at the factors that they are weighing in your particular case. If you find that some of these deciding factors do not apply, you can bring it to the notice of the insurance agent you are dealing with and get the premium reduced. Make sure you shop around for the best deal you can get from all of the car insurance quotes that you collect.

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