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Why Honda Car Insurance Customers Have Something to be Happy About

Honda Insurance recently announced that they are now offering a new low-cost insurance policy that is specifically tailored to incorporate statistical data on the year, make, and model of their individual customer’s Honda vehicle. Being insured by the manufacturer of your car actually makes a lot of sense, when you think about it. Obviously, no company is going to know more about the original parts that went into the year, make, and model of your car than the company that built it. Obtaining the best car insurance at the best rate for your car wouldn’t have to be the usual semi-annual annoy-a-thon, if you already had a really decent low-rate insurance plan that was designed with YOUR particular car specifically in mind.

The deal offered by Honda Insurance is especially practical when you consider the fact that a lot of other insurance companies are just that: insurance companies. They will insure your life, death, limbs, house, engagement ring, or car if you pay the monthly premium, but it doesn’t seem all that likely that a bunch of guys who work at an insurance company would happen to know everything there is to know about Honda cars. The guys over at Honda Insurance, though, might have a clearer idea of what’s really going on, because all they do is insure Hondas.

Honda has been making cars for over fifty years now, so they have definitely had time to develop a strong knowledge of how the parts in each model respond over time to normal wear and tear. This might be how they are able to so effectively estimate the cost of insuring your specific vehicle. By cross-referencing data they’ve gathered about Honda’s similar to yours, they’re just better-placed than any other insurance company when it comes to estimating the probability of having to replace your Honda vehicle due to fire, theft, flooding, or an accident.

Another good thing about Honda Insurance is their fixed-price repair deals on models more than three years old. This concept holds true to the notion that any customer at any location should be asked to pay the same price for the same job, and be able to trust that the job was done properly. The cost level set for each type of repair was benchmarked against hundreds of independent repair shops to insure competitiveness, and the repair work is carried out by Honda-trained technicians. It’s nice to know that you’re not going to wind up with whatever generic half-used car part the mechanic found in his back yard, because Honda Insurance makes sure that all replacement parts are certified Honda.

Plainly put, Honda Insurance offers a great deal of car insurance at a great rate. You really can’t go wrong insuring a Honda with Honda Insurance.

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