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Why Drivers Should Try To Combine Multiple Insurance Policies

We all have automobile insurance, or at least we should. We have homeowners insurance and most of us have some type of life insurance and maybe even another policy or two. Did you know that by combining these multiple insurance policies into one all-inclusive policy, you can not only get lower car insurance premiums, but you can also reduce the cost of all your insurance premiums.

Many insurance companies offer what is referred to as multi-line policies. The name tells you what that means. By combining as few as two policies under one umbrella with one company, you can often reduce the premiums on both. In fact, multi-line discounts for several types of coverage can be as much as 40% and that adds up to real money. If you thought that real life insurance protection was just too expensive right now for example, combining multiple insurance policies is a way to get it and maybe without paying much more than you already do for your current premiums. Insurance companies offer additional discounts, called loyalty discounts, for customers who combine policies and still others for insuring more than one vehicle.

Lower homeowner's premiums and lower car insurance premiums are good reasons to consider buying multi-line insurance policies. There is also another very useful reason that is not always so obvious until you need it and then it becomes important. Imagine the convenience of being able to get all of your insurance questions answered with just one phone call, not to mention the confusion you will avoid and the time you will spend if there is an accident. You might not know if something covered by your auto policy or your homeowner's policy or what. Just make one call and get it resolved.

It is necessary to deal with many agents if you have multiple insurance policies. By combining them, you will talk to only one. Even better; that agent will be familiar with you, your coverages and any details about your personal and insurance situations that can be pertinent in the event of an occurrence of some sort. And let us not forget the simple luxury of having to write only one check for the premium payments on all of your insurance policies. For most of us, insurance is complicated and poorly understood part of our lives but a necessary one. Why not make it as easy as possible?

Determine the types of coverage you need and shop around for the best pricing and the biggest discounts. Insurance companies are in business to make money. If you offer to buy several combined policies from one of them, you will be amazed by how much money you will save.

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