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Why Compact Cars Can Cost More To Insure Than Larger Sedans

Cheap car insurance is a priority for many Americans today due to the economic climate. People are looking to save money anywhere they can, and rightly so. When it comes to saving money with cheap car insurance, getting a compact car may not be the way to go. On average, compact car insurance can cost a bit more than insurance on a sedan. There are a few ways to save on car insurance that are in the control of the policy holder. One of the biggest ways to save money on car insurance is choosing a type of car that costs less to insure. Standard sedans are among the cheapest cars to insure.

Car insurance is determined by several variables. Insurance prices can go up or down depending on age, marital status, driving record, type of car, and gender. Women typically have cheap car insurance compared to men, and married people have cheap car insurance compared to singles. People over 25 get lower quotes than younger people, and people with a good driving record usually don't pay as much either. Some things are in the control of the individual, and others aren't. No one gets to choose their gender, and no one chooses to cause a car accident. Marital status is in a way a choice, but not one that people choose based on their car insurance prices.

The only one of the variables that could be completely up to the driver would be the type of car. When a person buys a car, car insurance costs are usually a factor involved with the decision. Many people tend to think that the smaller the car, the cheaper the insurance will be. Actually, compact car insurance tends to cost more on average than insurance for a standard sedan. There are pricing rates that all depend on what type of car a person is driving. Sports cars tend to cost the most. Sports Utility Vehicles also tend to cost quite a bit. With sports cars, it is because they are so expensive. With SUV's, it is more because of their safety risks with things like rollover rates.

Compact car insurance surprisingly can run higher than sedans, though. With compact cars, it again becomes a safety issue. Accidents involving compact cars tend to be more dangerous and cost more than collisions with sedans. Compact cars don't have as many crumple zones as normal sized cars. Compact cars are also harder to see on the road, especially in inclement weather. This makes accident probability go up, which in turn makes insurance rates go up. So, for cheap car insurance rates, consider going with a sedan over a compact car.

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