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Why Car Insurance Quotes Are Lower For Married Couples

Car insurance is cheaper for couples! Most car insurance companies offer discounts for married couples. Sometimes these discounts are available for people living in domestic partnerships as well. The reason? Insurance companies believe that marriage is a sign of maturity. Beyond making commitments to one another, most married couples plan on having children too: children require additional responsibility, which, again, makes for maturity. So, for the same reason that drivers get insurance discounts for reaching age 25, married couples also get a maturity discount. On a similar note, married people younger than age 25 are even more likely to receive a married couples' discount! Car safety ratings influence car insurance quotes, too. Couples with children should be sure to look into purchasing cars with higher safety ratings. Larger, stronger cars are often safer. Beyond keeping down insurance costs, safety ratings provide assurance that your family is out of harm's way. Insurance companies also hope to build relationships with families, knowing that children are likely to follow in their parents' footsteps as far as auto insurance goes. If your insurance provider offers you and your spouse discounted rates, when the time comes, won't you be more likely to recommend the same provider to your children?

Beyond family and maturity, though, there are also practical reasons for the married couples' discount. When two people are living together, it's reasonable to believe that each of those people will be driving less often than they would be if living separately. So, since each person will theoretically be behind the wheel less often, domestic couples get discounts. In this day and age, most people have their own cars as well; so married couples often qualify for multiple car discounts too.

Couples should keep in mind that the married couples discount is not for everyone, though. If one partner has a less than stellar driving record, it's likely that joint-insurance coverage will cause the other partner's rates to be inflated without cause. Causes for inflated rates include multiple moving violations, multiple accidents, and any recorded DUI's (Driving Under the Influence). Also, if one partner drives an expensive car, his/her rates will be higher. In this case, too, joint coverage would cause rates to go up for the other partner as well.

So if you are married, getting married, or living in a domestic partnership, consider if married couples car insurance is right for you. Considering all of the benefits listed above, it may be a wise choice. However, remember that it can be costly depending on just a few factors. Ask your insurance provider for a new, discounted car insurance quote. Cheaper car insurance coverage is in reach!

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