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Why Car Insurance Policyholders Should Consider the Fiat 500C

The Fiat 500C may be a small car, but it packs a big punch and has the added bonus of helping to save on car insurance. It combines the great looks of the ever-popular, Italian-designed Fiat 500 with a clever electronically-sliding soft top that can let in as little or as much fresh air as the driver desires. This sleek compact car is small enough to tuck into even the smallest parking spaces, yet it offers a high level of crash protection that is normally associated with much bigger cars. In addition to being both practical and safe, it is also very affordable. However, the savings don’t end with the initial purchase. The car’s affordability extends into the savings it will provide to car insurance policyholders. Many people think small cars mean high car insurance rates, but the Fiat 500C is exceptional in this regard.

One of the most important factors in determining car insurance rates is safety, and in that arena, the Fiat 500C has plenty to offer. The car comes standard with a whopping seven airbags, with two each in the front, windows, and sides plus a knee bag, something car insurance companies are keen to reward. Moreover, this car features an anti-lock braking system and electronic stability control as well as electronic brake distribution. There is also special technology that facilitates starting on a hill without causing damage. All of this helps keep the car insurance premiums low for the Fiat 500C.

The structure of the car has also been carefully designed with safety in mind. The body has been perfected through exhaustive safety tests in order to minimize the damage in case of collision and maintain its shape in order to protect the passengers inside. It also has hydraulic brake assistance, a feature that reduces the repercussions of slamming on the brakes quickly in emergency situations. It has received the top rating of five stars from the EuroNCAP safety ratings for city cars. All of these features have a proven safety record and thus dramatically bring down car insurance rates. Additionally, the car is designed by Fiat, who enjoys a solid reputation in terms of car durability, another factor that contributes to car insurance savings.

This stylish car doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance either, with a smooth ride and great handling. It is available with a manual 5-speed transmission or Fiat’s automatic Dualogic transmission. The savings this car provides long-term are not just limited to car insurance as the car has a low consumption engine that means less money spent on fuel. It is also eco-friendly with low emissions, which means more money in the consumer’s pocket. This car has a very affordable base price and is highly configurable, giving customers plenty of options to personalize the vehicle. And with the money consumers could save on car insurance, there would be plenty left over to spend customizing this fantastic car.

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