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Why Car Insurance Is More Expensive For Elderly Drivers

As time passes, and the baby boomers generation is reaching retirement age, there are record numbers of elderly drivers on the road. The amount of car insurance costs fluctuates according to statistical divisions, and elderly drivers are feeling the brunt of this. There are reasons that car insurance is more expensive for the elderly drivers that can be explained by looking at the causes.

One cause of high car insurance costs for elderly drivers is in their physical health. As people age, deteriorating conditions like Parkinson's Disease or Alzheimer's might creep in or just the normal aging process. These physical conditions effect the ability of elderly drivers to take active action in response to hazards that might arise during routine driving. Insurance records show that these slowing processes on the human body cause older drivers to have more collisions. These collisions cause car insurance costs to be passed on to those who are within the elderly drivers criteria.

Statistics also show that elderly drivers are more likely to be involved in multiple vehicle crashes, especially at intersections. There appears to be a behavioral factor that increases as people age that causes a hindrance in judging distances involved with left hand turns. It is unclear if this is caused by neurological or other physical condition. Nonetheless, the numbers indicate that elderly drivers are prone to these sort of collisions more than younger counterparts so car insurance costs reflect these records.

Related research on driving concerns provoked from age related inquiries show that around the age of 65, elderly drivers are faced with an increased risk of being involved in a vehicle crash. After reaching the age of 75, risk of an accident causing a driver fatality increases sharply because of vulnerability of the elderly drivers to injury. Some of the causes to these sorts of incidents occurring can be blamed on drifting within traffic lanes. This sort of behavior by elderly drivers might have to do with ability to focus and other cognitive functions.

Car insurance is more expensive for elderly drivers and the reason behind this is based on underwriting conditions derived from statistics. Those with higher risks are going to have higher car insurance costs. The causes of these statistics are particular to elderly drivers because of conditions that come with their age. More options are opening because as people from the baby boomer generation continue driving, there is an increased pool of elderly drivers available to help distribute costs across a wider range. As with all insurance situations, it is good practice to find coverage that will cut car insurance costs for elderly drivers while offering them the best protection.

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