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When to Consider Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance covers an automobile for as little as a day to as long as you may need it. There are many times where paying the extra premium for temporary car insurance is important.

The most important reason for temporary car insurance is if you will be driving an automobile in a foreign country. Chances are your local car insurance company will not pay should you encounter problems while driving a rented car in a foreign country. You are also less likely to get in trouble with the local law enforcement if they know you have purchased temporary car insurance for their country. It is important to know that some countries are likely to put a tourist in jail if they do not have the local car insurance. Others might even require an expensive bribe to let you continue on your way. To avoid any such problems, it is important to always get temporary car insurance while driving in a foreign country.

Another reason to get temporary car insurance is if you would be driving in an unfamiliar area or in a type of vehicle you’ve not previously driven. No matter how many times you’ve driven your car, a strange new automobile will require different handling. You aren’t given time to familiarize yourself with the car in the short amount of time you will be driving it. Temporary car insurance will totally cover any damage done to the car or property, and it won’t increase your car insurance rates. It’s certainly better to pay a few dollars upfront instead of having to pay hundreds or thousands later depending on the deductible and/or increase of car insurance rates. Car insurance is already expensive enough without having to worry about a claim made on a rented car, increasing the rates.

If you don’t trust someone who will be driving your car, it might be necessary to get temporary car insurance to cover that person while behind the wheel of your car. This also applies if you will be driving someone else’s car and would like to set his or her mind at ease by getting temporary car insurance for the duration you will be using said automobile.

Another example would be if you decide to buy a new car while you are still paying insurance on an older car. The car insurance rates for two premiums might be more than you can afford. You can purchase temporary car insurance for a week or more until you’re able to sell your other car.

If you live in an area that gets hurricanes or tornadoes on a seasonal basis, temporary car insurance can give you that added peace of mind that your automobile and your wallet are protected.

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