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When To Call Your Insurance Provider After An Auto Accident Has occurred

Car insurance is something that every driver needs but that no one wants to use. All drivers fear the dreaded increase in their rates should they ever have to claim an accident, and dread calling insurance providers for even a brief inquiry or advice, to say nothing of reporting an accident or claiming a stolen vehicle. Recent changes to insurance laws along with increased competition in the marketplace has made many companies more approachable and given drivers a great deal less to be afraid of when contacting an insurance company. Still, many drivers wonder when the best time to call their car insurance provider is should they be in an accident.

The short answer is right away. Not necessarily from the scene of the accident, but as soon as the driver is home and in a position to take some time and get together the information that the insurance company will require. Accidents are always best reported immediately because even if a driver chooses not to pursue a claim, the car insurance company can often offer excellent advice on how to proceed. It is this fact that many drivers are unaware of - simply calling insurance providers and reporting an accident does not mean that a claim must be made. Until the insurance company has permission from their client to process a claim, such a claim - and the resulting premium increases cannot take place.

While there will be times in which a provider cannot be called right after an accident, the longer that a driver waits and the more questions a provider will have. They will want to know why it took so long to report the accident, and if there has been any subsequent damage to the vehicle after the accident occurred. Keeping the insurance company in the loop is essential in getting claims processed quickly, and avoiding the appearance of any type of insurance fraud. Most drivers are honest when it comes to reporting their collisions, but a number choose to abuse the system, and insurance companies are always on the lookout for such drivers, and will often ask questions that make an honest driver feel as though they are being investigated. Do not panic - this is normal. Insurance companies do not want to pay for anything they do not have to, and this most certainly includes fraudulent claims made by drivers. Simply stay calm, answer the questions asked, and no more.

Though the temptation may be to wait and see if an accident really does need to be reported, telling an insurance company it has occurred does not have to come with unwanted backlash. Simply be timely in reporting whenever an accident occurs.

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