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When Is The Best Time To Change Car Insurance Providers

Most car insurance policies do not require that you wait until a certain time of year to cancel your policy. If you find cheap car insurance that fits your needs through online car insurance quotes, you can change your insurance provider within the same month.

When You Move

Car insurance rates can change for many different reasons. You should check online car insurance quotes any time you make a change in your daily routine. One of the biggest changes that can have a serious impact on your car insurance rates is changing your place of residence. Even if you are only moving across town, your insurance rates can change dramatically. Car insurance companies consider the frequency of accidents in the neighborhood where you live and determine your rates based on the safety of the roads you drive most often. You could discover that you can purchase cheap car insurance because you moved to a safer part of town.

Finding a New Job

Where you work can also affect your car insurance prices. If you change jobs, make sure you spend some time shopping for car insurance quotes using your new information. In some cases, you may find that you are driving further to get to work each day. If so, your rates may increase because you will drive more miles annually. If you find a job that is closer to home, however, you may pay less for your insurance.

When You Get Married

Married couples are charged different rates for car insurance than single individuals. Men usually find that their insurance rates drop when they get married because they are expected to be home more in the evenings and weekends when the streets are more dangerous. Most couples each bring their own car to a marriage, as well. If you and your spouse both own separate cars, you can save money by purchasing insurance through the same car insurance company. One of the first things a newlywed couple should do is consolidate their auto insurance.

Anytime You Find a Better Policy

The truth is, the best time to change car insurance providers is any time you find a better deal. All you need to do to cancel your existing policy is send a letter of intent to your insurance agent at least a month in advance. Once you cancel your old policy, you will be able to purchase the new policy and begin enjoying better rates. Simply aging can put you in a different insurance rate bracket. Drivers should look up insurance quotes at least once every year to see if anything in their lives has changed that would cause them to qualify for less expensive car insurance coverage.

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