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When Fighting A Disputed Car Insurance Claim Is Not A Good Idea

No driver wants to have a disputed insurance claim. For anyone who has to utilize their auto insurance, the hope is always that the adjuster will simply take what the client says at face value, contact the body shop, and pay to have the car repaired. In many cases, this is exactly what happens when a car insurance claim is reported, but there are times when a claim is disputed by the insurance company. This can be for a number of reasons - the damage on the car may not match the story told by the client, the other driver may tell a significantly different story, or their may be an independent witness that tells a different version of events that does not match the one provided by the insured. In all of these cases, an insurance provider may choose to deny a claim, making it a disputed insurance claim for a client. While the temptation is to fight such claims, there are a number of situations in which this is a bad idea.

The first is if the driver of the vehicle did, at any time before the accident, consume drugs or alcohol. An adjuster will ask this question when the accident is initially reported, and most drivers will say "no". Unfortunately, some will say no even when it is not true. If this is the case and the claim is disputed, it is not a wise idea to pursue it. Lying is bad enough, but if the insurance company is able to determine that not only did a driver fail to disclose the truth but is also pursuing a claim, a canceled policy or a fraud charge can result.

It is also a bad idea to pursue a claim if the driver of the vehicle was not actually the insured. This can happen in families where a young driver takes a vehicle when they should not, or a driver allows a friend to borrow a vehicle. Again, telling the truth at the beginning of a claim will always make this process smoother, but if a disputed insurance claim arises because the driver of the vehicle was not supposed to be operating it, fighting the claim will likely lead to expense rather than a successful conclusion.

Though there are many times in which pursing a disputed car insurance claim is worth the time and effort, any case in which the insured has done something against the rules laid out in the policy is not one that should be fought. In these cases an insured should simply tell the truth and accept whatever policy changes or premium increases the company is willing to offer.

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