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What You Need To Tell The Other Insurance Company After An Accident

Checking car insurance quotes online raises many questions with regard to auto insurance. What are the types of insurance that companies offer, how much will they pay, and under what circumstances can you use your policy? Of course, consideration of auto insurance always raises the specter of a potential auto accident. Laws vary from state to state, but there are certain documents that every driver should carry in anticipation of an auto accident. Among these are: your state driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance card. In the event of an auto accident, provide this information to the other party and the other insurance company.

It is a good idea to keep a pen and notebook in your vehicle. If an accident happens, be sure to obtain the other driver's personal information, including his name, address, phone number, vehicle plate number and insurance information. If possible, also get the other vehicle's vehicle identification number and driver's license number. This is information that your auto insurance company will need to properly investigate the accident.

Following the accident, the other insurance company may try to contact you by mail or phone. You are not required to communicate with the other insurance company other than to provide your car insurance information. However, there are good reasons for talking to the other carrier. Your insurance agent or your insurance company's claims department should give you advice.

If you wish to pursue a claim for property damage or bodily injury, then it is advisable that you contact and cooperate with the other insurance carrier. If you are not carrying collision coverage on your policy, then the other company is your best option for recovery. The same is true of bodily injuries sustained as a result of the accident. Review your car insurance quote or the declaration page of your insurance policy in order to ascertain your coverage.

The other insurance carrier will perform its own independent investigation into the accident. In order to do so there are many types of information that their adjuster will gather such as police reports and witness statements. The adjuster may also inspect the damage to the vehicles involved and investigate the accident site. It would not be remarkable for the other insurance company to request a written or verbal statement from you, a scene diagram or an inspection of your vehicle's damages.

If you have chosen to cooperate with the other company's investigation, then you should provide truthful and accurate information as requested in order to speed the handling of your claim. Bear in mind the importance of good claims handling practices as you review car insurance quotes. Reputation counts.

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