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What To Tell Your Car Insurance Company If Your License Is Suspended

It’s always wise to tell your car insurance company about a suspended license. Depending on the circumstances, being upfront may not prevent you from getting good car insurance quotes. But it could help establish your reputation about taking responsibility in a forthright manner and that can be a favorable point further down the line.

There are numerous traffic violations that could bring about a license suspension. Driving under the influence is an all too common reason for licenses being suspended. It also isn’t one of the favorite items for insurance companies to consider when car insurance quotes are being formulated. Understand that there’s virtually no way that an insurer won’t learn about a DUI violation. That kind of offense can’t be hidden, so deal with it honestly.

Offenses like street racing, failure to appear, not paying child support and not having car insurance are some of the other ways to get a suspended license notice from the state. Your immediate attention to those notices is needed to put in motion the mechanics that should result in the reinstatement of your driver’s license.

Looking for auto insurance after having a license suspended should begin with your most recent insurance company. If your license was suspended because of a lapsed policy, of which the insurer is required by law to inform the state, discuss your financial status with the insurance company. It could be that the company might be understanding and decide to provide coverage for you. That could even include renewing your policy with a low initial payment and monthly charges for the length of the policy, providing that a lump sum payment for coverage was too high. If a policy lapsed simply because you forgot to pay the premium, inquire about a program that will remind you when a payment is due to keep your car insurance active. Most insurers do have such a program in place.

If you don’t feel your current insurance company is being fair about your situation, make inquiries of other insurers to see if their policies better fit your needs. Online quotes from any number of insurance companies are readily available. Here again, be honest about your problem. You need to have proof that your automobile insurance has been renewed before applying to the state to have your driver’s license reinstated.

Getting a suspended license reinstated requires that you adhere to what state laws demand. The insurance companies didn’t write the state mandates, but they do work within the laws’ guidelines. The best way to accomplish license reinstatement is to do everything required of you, and do it quickly and efficiently.

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