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What to Expect if You Don’t Have Car Insurance

Car insurance is an important expense. The vehicle used to commute to work, school, and for errands needs to be fully functional. Since all states and local government require some form of insurance, it should be seen as a necessity to operate any type of personal or business vehicle.

Many laws are enacted to protect the property that is damaged on highways, public roads, or as a result of a moving vehicle. The state may require a set dollar amount of liability coverage to cover bodily injury and car damage of the party that is affected in the accident. This basic coverage, that the state feels you should have, is included in all insurance policies.

There may be monetary limits that the state expects will be paid in minor or major accidents through the coverage in your car insurance policy. Not having insurance causes you to be penalized by the law when you are caught. Not using a form of insurance leaves you vulnerable for the courts to fine you, based on the rules that were violated.

Expect to pay fines on a set due date. Many states require you to go to court if you cannot pay by the date on the notice. Proof of insurance is required to be presented on or before the due date of the fine. Depending on which state you are in, you may have to answer to a judge as to why you are unable to present insurance coverage.

The purpose of going to court is to clarify if you were insured the day of the ticket. If you were insured, but did not have the proper documentation, the ticket is usually forgiven. If you are unable to provide proof of having car insurance coverage on the date you received your ticket, you are responsible for paying the ticket.

Showing proof that you have reacquired coverage is important. You may be required to keep continuous coverage for a year or more to avoid additional fines for having no insurance.

Individuals who cannot pay for the ticket may be allowed to make payments. The state will still require you to have insurance coverage to operate your vehicle. When you start to look for a new insurance policy, searching for the lowest car insurance rates will be challenging. You now have a ticket on file for driving without insurance. Expect to pay an increased rate for car insurance. It is imperative to keep your car insurance bill paid in full each month. In the event that you are caught several times driving without insurance, insurance carriers may not insure you.

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