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What To Do When You Encounter An Unresponsive Claim Department

Something to consider when you are getting your free car insurance quotes online is that at no point in that process is the claim department considered. As you move through and select the coverage options that fit you and your family, there is no option that asks if you want a responsive or unresponsive claim department. Everyone seems to take for granted that a claim will be handled appropriately and don't consider this when deciding on the right quote or company. Even if you get a bad claim department, there are things you can do.

If you are in the midst of a car insurance claim and you are dealing with an unresponsive claim department you need to start complaining, loudly. Almost as important as deciding to complain about the claim department is making sure you are complaining in the right direction, to the right people. The first thing you should do is make sure that you give your claim adjuster the opportunity to solve your issue without going over their head. This will show that you don't expect any special treatment, just the same as everyone else.

Once the claims adjuster has failed to make good on returning contact to you it is time to go to their direct supervisor and begin complaining to them. You can usually get to the adjuster's supervisor without having to speak to the adjuster, as the phone system usually has an option to complete this process. For instance, most phone systems with insurance companies give the option of pressing "0" to go straight to a supervisor. Now the ball is in the court of the supervisor to make contact happen.

In most instances if you don't hear back from this person you have the option of doing the same think, pressing "0" to get the supervisor's boss. When you don't get a response from anyone in the claim department it is time to go to your state's department of insurance. The department of insurance regulates everything with insurance companies in the state, including the insurance claims. Insurance companies can be fined or worse for failing to act in good faith with claims, this will get a response.

Once you have a claim with your insurance company that fails to meet your expectations you need to start getting free car insurance quotes again, to replace your insurance company. If a claim department is not willing to respond to your issues once they will likely do it again and that is not a situation that most people will want to be in. Always consider the claim department when you get free car insurance quotes.

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