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What To Do When A Car Accident Is Your Fault

Getting involved in a car accident is not an anticipated event in your life, particularly if it's found you have an accident, fault for the collision may fall on you. You must report the accident to your insurance company and cooperate with them during the claim process. Unfortunately, when you eventually decide to shop for some free car insurance quotes, it's likely that you'll have to disclose this accident during the quote process.

Accident Scene

Various things can happen at the accident scene. If you are injured, there isn't much you can do other than remain in your vehicle until medical attention arrives. If you are not injured, exit the vehicle and see if the other driver needs medical attention. If yes, take the lead by contacting the police and an ambulance.

The police will conduct a scene investigation and write a police report. Provide the officer with your license, registration and insurance card. Answer the officer's questions honestly about how the loss occurred, as she determines accident fault for the report. If you receive a citation, you will need to handle any potential penalties at a later date. Ultimately, you may have to disclose this citation when securing some free car insurance quotes in the future.

Report Accident

Contact your insurance company, and report the car accident. Speak to a representative about setting up a new claim. The representative will ask you some general questions, including your version of the accident, in order to initiate the claim process. The insurance company may record this conversation. Minor fender benders do not involve much investigation, particularly if no injuries are alleged and liability against you is straightforward. Because you have accident fault, the only available coverage for your vehicle repairs is collision coverage, if this coverage was purchased. Arrange for an estimate to see where the repairs stand in terms of your deductible.

Legal Action

Sometimes, injuries occur from an auto accident. The injured victim, in addition to a claim for vehicle damage, may file a bodily injury claim against your liability coverage. Your insurance company handles the investigation and evaluation of the personal injury claim. Sometimes, these claims go to court. If you receive legal papers, send them to your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will defend you in the legal action by providing an attorney. When called upon, work with the attorney throughout the defense of the case.

Shopping for free car insurance quotes means providing the insurance company the information they request to complete the quote process. This may mean disclosing an at-fault accident or citation.

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