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What To Do If Your Car Is Damaged During A Natural Disaster

There are many factors that customers need to be aware of when searching for car insurance quotes. Most auto insurance companies will cover collision or theft, but not all companies and insurance policies will cover a natural disaster. This can be problematic, since many forms of natural disasters can completely destroy a car. It can be devastating to have a car destroyed by a natural disaster only to discover that your car insurance will not cover the damage. It is very important to find out if your car is covered in case of a natural disaster.

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan serve as harsh reminders of exactly how devastating a natural disaster can be. Nature can destroy cars, homes and entire cities. For some people, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan wiped out everything that they owned. Many scientists believe it is only a matter of time before a disaster of that magnitude strikes the United States. Some home insurance natural disaster policies will cover your car if the car is parked at home at the time, but what happens if the car is not at home? Does your car insurance cover your vehicle in case of a natural disaster?

Most people do not think to check for natural disaster insurance policies when searching for car insurance quotes. Even if you do not live near a fault line or in a coastal tsunami zone, there are plenty of other natural disasters that can harm your car. The number one natural disaster that destroys thousands of vehicles each year is flooding. Floods affect all areas of the country. Some floods are caused by rain and rising streams, and others are caused by waves and ocean storms. It only takes a little bit of flood water to destroy a car. Once the water rises over the wheels, your car is in some trouble. Unfortunately, not all car insurance plans will cover this type of natural disaster. In fact, most cheap plans do not cover cars damaged by floods.

Anyone in low-lying areas or elevated areas near a stream can be affected by flooding. Be sure to check your auto insurance policy for natural disaster coverage. If you are not covered in case of flood or natural disaster it may be time to check for new car insurance quotes. Some plans offer flood coverage and natural disaster coverage while others offer a blanket natural disaster coverage. Be sure to do a bit of research before deciding which plan is right for you. The whole point of having insurance is to be prepared when disaster strikes, and not having flood insurance can severely impact this situation.

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