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What To Do If You Are Injured In An Automobile Accident

Being involved in an injury accident is something that all car owners dread - both for themselves and their families. Not only can injury accidents seriously affect those that are involved - from permanent damage to the need for major surgery or even death - they can be extremely difficult to deal with when it comes to car insurance. A driver must deal with both their own insurance company and, if they were injured by another driver, that driver's company as well, and many companies do not want to pay any more than they absolutely have to, even if their driver is at fault. If an injury accident occurs, there are a number of things that any car insurance client must do.

The first is to go to the doctor and seek treatment. Unless the driver is taken away in an ambulance, they can go instead to their family doctor to have their condition assessed. In many cases, those involved in an accident will feel fine initially, but will wake up the next morning with pain in their neck and back. It is important that this pain get checked out in order to determine if a more serious problem is the underlying cause. It is also important to go to the doctor right away in order to begin a paper trail in case any sort of litigation or insurance battle follows. Insurance clients need to be sure that their injuries are recorded by their doctor and that records are available if need be so that an insurance company can access them. Often, insurance companies on both side of the accident will want access to medical records, something the injured party can grant by choosing to sign a form.

After speaking with the doctor, injured drivers must next call the insurance company. Be sure to mention the visit to the doctor, as well as to describe any injuries that occurred as a result of the accident. Be prepared to visit the doctor again, as well as keep a copy of any receipts for medical expenses. In order to satisfy the insurance company and solidify the accident an injury accident, proper records must be kept and must be available for display.

No driver wants to be injured in an accident - getting the insurance company on either side to pay out can be difficult, and it is in a driver's best interest to go to the doctor and get checked out as soon as possible after an accident. Do not let an adjustor talk an injury out or minimize it- be sure to know not only what is wrong, but what the prognosis from the doctor is about the condition.

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