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What To Do If A Car Insurance Company Calls Demanding Accident Information

When you get cheap car insurance quotes you are getting a promise from a car insurance company that they will provide you a service for much less than other insurance companies. When they make you this promise, you must remember that cheap car insurance quotes may come with service or coverage that is less than complete. It’s important to make sure that a car insurance quote, cheap or not, covers your needs and will help you sort through your claim in the case of an accident.

There are two different approaches that you can take with a car insurance company that is demanding to speak to you about a car accident. When the car insurance company is not your own you should know that you have the right to deny giving them a statement and refer them to your own insurance company. They have no right to demand a statement from you because you have no contract with that insurance company saying that you owe them anything.

The situation with your own car insurance company is a bit different because when you signed your car insurance policy you entered into a binding contract. In every car insurance policy is a section that states that you will cooperate with any investigation that occurs in relation to your policy. If you choose not to speak to your car insurance company you are in violation of that policy and the insurance company can take a couple of different approaches.

First, the car insurance company can tell you that they will accept the responsibility for what you did without your input in order to protect your policy. They will then make a payment to another party for your negligence and those cheap car insurance quotes will be gone as your rates go up.

The other approach a car insurance company can take when you don’t respond to your own insurance company is that they can issue an “unsubstantiated denial” to the other party. This is a denial stating that the insured party’s coverage is invalid unless they speak to their insurance company. When a claim is denied it is now up to you to pay the damages that you caused.

These situations should be considered when you get cheap car insurance quotes as the quotes will only be good as long as you don’t get in to more accidents. A car insurance company will not hesitate to make payments on your policy when you fail to respond to them, or deny the claim which leaves you liable for payment of damages. Don’t get caught up in the situation and cooperate with your insurance company.

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