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What Supplemental Spouse Liability Is On A Car Insurance Policy

When you're gathering up free car insurance quotes, it's important to know what all of your options are, even if the circumstances that might prompt the need for those options seems a little bit unlikely. Supplemental spouse liability is a good example of a little known type of coverage that could actually prove quite useful to you if you think to include it in your quote and ask for it on your policy.

Supplemental spouse liability is only available in the state of New York, so if you live outside of the state of New York then this type of coverage won't be something you need to concern yourself with. However, those who live in New York might wish to give this coverage serious thought.

As it goes, most auto insurance policies have Bodily Injury Liability Coverage. Did you know that if you're at-fault in an accident and your spouse is sitting in the passenger's seat, that normal circumstances and normal coverage will not allow your spouse to receive benefits under your Bodily Injury Liability Coverage? Supplemental spouse liability would make your spouse eligible to receive those benefits once your spouse uses up benefits under Personal Injury and Medical protection. If your spouse sues you to cover her medical bills in the event he or she gets injured (in the event of a divorce, for example) this type of coverage also keeps you protected. Your spouse might also choose to sue you knowing your insurance will cover it even if the two of you are still together, as a way of protecting your family's finances. This type of coverage also provides benefits if your spouse dies during an accident that you cause.

Supplemental spouse liability coverage is always optional. It generally adds anywhere from $10-$15 to your monthly premiums. Since it's good for more than shielding you in the event of a divorce, it's well worth investigating when you're getting your free car insurance quotes. After all, a good insurance policy keeps you covered and protected during a wide range of circumstances, even those that seem unlikely or those we do not want to think about. If you don't live in the State of New York, you should ask your insurance agent what stipulations may be available on your policy in the event that your spouse gets hurt as a passenger in an accident you cause. A good insurance agent and a good insurance quote should help you craft a policy that addresses every scenario you're concerned about. You're not just buying monetary protection with your insurance plan; you're buying peace of mind, too.

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