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What’s New for the Toyota Camry in 2018?

Toyota calls its new 2018 Camry the most American of cars.

To back up that claim, Toyota recently invested $1.33 billion dollars in its Kentucky plant so that the 2018 Camry is the first Toyota vehicle made in the United States to fully incomporate Toyota’s New Global Architecture.

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“Toyota New Global Architecture is about exciting, ever-better vehicles for our customers as it will improve performance of all models, including increased fuel efficiency, more responsive handling, and a more stable, comfortable feel while driving,” says Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America.

Toyota Kentucky is the automaker’s largest plant in the world, employing 8,200 team members.

What does this mean for the average American Toyota buyer? Well, the renewed focus on Camry gives the world’s best-selling sedan a makeover both inside and out.

“The Camry has a reinvented and emotionally charged design,” says Katie Scallan, senior manager at Gulf States Toyota in Texas.

Design features for the 2018 Toyota Camry

Three primary design features were implemented for this new Camry: a distinctive, low center of gravity that results in a wide stance; a practical-yet-emotionally styled cabin profile, and a sporty and upscale image both inside and out.

Speaking of the inside, the completely redesigned interior is a fusion of functionality, futuristic styling and an emphasis on personal space and craftsmanship. Gauges, for instance, are now angled toward the driver so the front passenger is treated to a sense of openness and freedom.

The Camry development team aimed for a design that they said balanced refinement with an athletic image.

“The all-new 2018 Camry is, without a doubt, the most captivating mid-size sedan we’ve ever produced,” says Bob Carter, Toyota senior vice president of automotive operations.  “It delivers on everything Camry owners have come to expect from America’s best-selling car, and adds to it, jaw-dropping design, more advanced technology, cutting-edge safety systems, and stirring performance that raises it to an unparalleled level of excitement.”  



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