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What New Drivers Should Know About Car Insurance

New drivers have a lot to worry about, including the rules of the road, regular vehicle maintenance, and a new set of car payments. However, one of the most commonly misunderstood (and important) aspects of driving is car insurance, and as new drivers’ insurance policies tend to be fairly expensive, taking the time to understand the different terms and conditions of a policy can save a new driver a lot of money (and lead to a more protective car insurance policy). While insurance policies will differ greatly depending on a number of criteria, there are a few facts that every new driver should know when looking at car insurance quotes.

First of all, new drivers’ insurance is more expensive for a very good reason: statistically, new drivers tend to get into more accidents than experienced drivers. Car insurance quotes rely heavily on statistics, and experience is certainly a major factor. However, there are other factors involved in a quote. Male drivers, for instance, will pay more for their car insurance policies than female drivers up until age 65 or so. Younger drivers also tend to pay more, as do drivers that choose unsafe vehicles. New drivers should carefully consider insurance costs before buying a car, especially a first car. As many new drivers are young, it’s worth asking whether an insurance company offers “good student” discounts or other discounts that can help to relieve some of the cost of a new policy.

Many new drivers don’t spend much time thinking about different types of insurance coverage and coverage levels, but this can be a major mistake. “Full coverage” won’t cover every single type of cost that might pop up in an accident, and in order to really protect yourself, other drivers, and your vehicle, it’s important to research coverage types before making an insurance purchase. Young drivers should think about special insurance add-ons like accident forgiveness (which can save a new driver quite a bit of money after an at-fault accident) and roadside assistance. Finding the right amount of coverage for your vehicle can take a lot of time and thought, but it’s an important step to take.

New drivers should take special care to drive slowly and mindfully, especially in city traffic or in unsatisfactory weather conditions. Careful driving will help a driver avoid accidents and build up a good record, which will lead to lower car insurance quotes down the line. By fully reading and understanding your policy and taking proactive steps to drive carefully, any new driver can lock down a great insurance rate and great vehicle coverage for the years to come. Saving money is easier than expected, as long as you do the research.

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