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What A Vehicle Is Used For And How It Impacts Car Insurance Quotes

Vehicle use is one of those factors in a car insurance quote that most people don't think about. The underwriters of an insurance company consider different elements in areas of risk, and vehicle use is a major contributor for the rates determining the amount of a car insurance quote. There are different ways that the vehicle use can impact the premium of a policy which will affect everybody who is behind the wheel.

The vehicle use that affects nearly everyone is commuting to and from work. Because of this factor, one of the first questions that an insurance agent will ask while getting a car insurance quote for the purpose of commuting is what the distance is that the car will be driven and how often. The more miles are driven, the more of a risk factor it is for the insurance provider. Typically, the lowest rate for most companies involves a daily commute of 15 miles or less. The next bracket for most insurance companies is a daily commute greater than 15 miles to work. These are generally the two main factors considered in a car insurance quote for a vehicle that is used for commuting.

Another component of vehicle use is an automobile used primarily for pleasure. To qualify for a pleasure automobile rate in a car insurance quote, people generally have to drive their vehicle for less than 3 miles to and from work. Some insurance providers also put a limit on how many days a month a car can be driven. There are sometimes exceptions to having these limits, like if an insured is just using the vehicle to drop someone off at school on a regular basis. Each policy must be looked at individually for limitations that might be unique to each insurance provider.

A final circumstance that impacts vehicle use in a car insurance quote is if the vehicle is used for work. Commercial use of a vehicle is a specialized branch at most insurance companies. Business use of a vehicle varies from just using a pickup truck for carrying tools to flat out work vehicles like tow trucks or courier services. Some insurance companies will allow for certain exceptions in personal vehicle insurance to light business use of the vehicle. Each policy can be customized to the individual needs in an insurance situation.

Whatever the situation for each individual, it is important to disclose to the insurance provider what the vehicle use is. An insurance provider should allow for the vehicle use in the car insurance quote to best protect both parties. It is important that each person determine if there is enough coverage whether the vehicle is used for commuting, pleasure, or business.

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