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Most unexpected animals ever spotted in a car

We’ve all seen pets in cars – whether it’s a dog with its head hanging happily out of an open car window, or a ticked-off cat sulking in a crate in the back seat. 

But some drivers transport more…unusual animals in their cars. Here are some of the most unexpected animals ever spotted in a vehicle. 

1. A donkey

This enterprising Irish farmer needed to get his donkey somewhere fast – and luckily it’s an adorably pocket-sized donkey that happens to fit perfectly in the back seat of his tiny sedan.

donkey in car

Photo courtesy of

2. An alligator

I know alligators have a tough hide and all but would it kill the driver to at least put a seat belt on this dead-eyed little fellow?

alligator in car

Photo courtesy of

3. A calf

And we’re back in Ireland again, the land where apparently no one has a big enough truck to transport their livestock. Also, in case you’re wondering, it’s perfectly legal to transport cows in your car in Ireland. 

calf in car

Photo courtesy of the Belfast Telegraph

4. A terrifyingly huge python

You’re on a safari trip of a lifetime when you notice a huge python lurking near your car. Then you lift your hood and essentially every snake nightmare you’ve ever had comes true. That’s what happened to a retired couple on vacation in South Africa – and what will haunt me in my nightmares for some time to come. 

snake in car

Photo courtesy of The Sun

5. A lion

Christian the Lion won everyone’s hearts when his reunion with his Swinging Sixties’ owners was captured on video. But this iconic photo of Christian cruising around in a convertible in London is just as charming. Hopefully his claws didn’t mess up the paint work. 

lion in car

Photo courtesy of London Evening Standard

Have you ever spotted a surprising animal in a car? Tell us your stories in the comments below. 

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