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Ways To Get The Best Deals On Car Insurance For Couples

Joint car insurance deals for couples are far more efficient and economical compared to single policies. You will have to negotiate with insurance companies to get the best car insurance deals though. Car insurance companies may seem firm on rates but they do want your business and if you have a good record, you could get a substantial discount on your car insurance policy. Here are a few tips on how to combine your car insurance policy needs to get the best deals.

Rates differ for men and women. Women have a far lower insurance rate as compared to men. Men under the age of 25 are considered to higher risks for car accidents and this automatically hikes their car insurance premiums. But statistically, when you get married, your insurance rates go down. This is because several studies have proved that married couples tend to drive far more safely compared to individuals. It works out much better if both individuals in a marriage have good driving records. If one of you is a stay-at-home spouse, it works out even better. You can then bargain or negotiate with the car insurance company for discounted car insurance deals based on your good driving record and lower mileage for one driver only.

Your locality. The area you live in will influence your car insurance rates considerably. Most couples usually relocate to larger homes in suburbs to raise a family and these areas are usually considered far safer. There are fewer chances of car theft and car insurance companies can afford to give you lower car insurance premiums. If you have a garage attached to your home and if you park your car inside it daily, you could be eligible for more car insurance deals on your car insurance policy.

Combine your policies. Most couples will also have life insurance, health insurance and other policies with several different companies that they had purchased before marriage. Get in touch with the car insurance company and find out whether they are willing to combine all your policies under a single umbrella. This will substantially reduce your car insurance payments and it will simplify the payment process too.

These car insurance deals are applicable on all kinds of married and cohabiting couples. To get an accurate idea of your car insurance policy discount, you can use online calculators that will find out exactly how much you will have to pay. Please use these calculators only as a guide to help you negotiate better rates. You can then get in touch with each individual car insurance company to find out the exact car insurance deals you are eligible for.

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