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The Best Ways That New Drivers Can Avoid High Car Insurance Premiums

New drivers frequently experience high car insurance premiums. Because new drivers lack experience and accident occurrence among new drivers is frequent, insurance companies usually generate higher rates for insurance plans covering new drivers. While comparatively high premiums are inevitable, new drivers can focus on certain areas to get car insurance for new drivers at a lower price.

Driver Education

A driver education class is a beneficial investment for a new driver. For several hundred dollars, the new driver can receive study assistance to complete driver exams and practical experience on the road. Driver education classes also detail driver safety and present the consequences of poor driver choices such as drinking and driving. New drivers of any age will receive lower car insurance quotes if they have passed a driver education class. In many instances, the cost of the driver education class pays for itself in insurance discounts within one or two years.

Clean Record Over Time

As a new driver keeps a safe driving record over months and years; his or her auto insurance rates will gradually decrease. Aside from remaining responsible, new drivers should also avoid tickets for common violations such as speeding. Young drivers should pay special attention to curfew hours and restrictions on the number of people allowed in a car under his or her specific type of license.

Good Grades

For a new driver in high school or college, good grades can earn the driver a serious discount. When requesting car insurance for new drivers, be sure to provide grade point average information and inquire about good grade discounts. Insurance companies are willing to do this because statistics show that young drivers with good grades tend to drive responsibly.

Vehicle Selection

For all drivers, vehicle selection impacts insurance. Vehicles that do not perform well in crash test ratings are expensive to insure as are expensive brands. Since new drivers often focus on cost when selecting a car, it's important for them to receive car insurance quotes before making a decision on a car. A less expensive car in terms of financing might end up being more costly once insurance premiums are added in.

Multiple Driver Insurance Policy

Most insurance companies offer discounts for customers purchasing multiple types of insurance or insuring multiple people. Parents of new drivers will generally find that insurance rates for teens are lower if they are on a parent's insurance policy (versus an independent policy). If the new driver already purchases homeowner's or renter's insurance, the multi-policy discount may also inspire a lower rate.

By demonstrating a clear knowledge of traffic laws and common sense, new drivers can begin working towards lower car insurance rates on their first day on the road.

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