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What a Waiver of Collision Deductible Is and How It Affects Your Car Insurance Coverage

You are a smart driver. When on the road, you not only pay attention to what you are doing, you also pay attention to what drivers around you are doing. This situational awareness is what makes you a superior driver, a truly safe driver treasured and courted by car insurance companies. In addition, you’ve taken care of your financial responsibilities by buying collision as well as liability auto insurance.

In a perfect world, you would not have another worry. On a certain fine spring morning, you’d be enjoying your bagel and coffee while reading the paper. Instead, you’re standing on the side of the road examining the damage to your new car. Through no fault of your own, you were involved in an automobile accident. Some guy rear-ended you while you were stopped at a traffic light. Even worse, he doesn’t even have the bare minimum liability car insurance. What can you do? You stand there helpless while the cop surveys the situation. You know how the story ends. You end up paying your deductible and the other driver gets a ticket that he probably doesn’t even pay. There is no justice.

But that spring morning has not happened yet. You are enjoying coffee and bagels. The paper’s in your lap. Now you’re in search of affordable car insurance that will prevent that situation from ever occurring. A quick search online will likely yield a car insurance quote online that will get you on your way to cheap car insurance, including the waiver of collision deductible. This option, in conjunction with the collision coverage on your car, pays your deductible in the event of damage caused by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver, provided you can identify the driver and the car that caused the damage.

This will prepare you in case the above incident happens. Now you are standing there, on the side of the road, angry at the inconvenience of having your car damaged; but, you know that the police officer will provide you with the needed information and that your car insurance company will pay all the costs. It’s another level of security and some more peace of mind. It’s another product that proves car insurance companies are interested in keeping their most responsible customers. Are you that truly safe driver looking for a car insurance quote online? Do you have varied or complicated auto insurance needs? Leverage your immaculate driving record by doing some online research to find the perfect insurance quote. You’re bound to find affordable car insurance quotes from a wide variety of companies customized to your needs at a price you can live with.

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