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Do I Have to Get Auto Insurance for My Old, Used Car?

So, you've got an old beater that you're still driving around. A rusty piece of junk that isn't worth the price of gas you just put in it. It barely starts in the winter, and it can't even make it over fifty-five miles per hour. You wonder how the doors even stay on. It gets laughs from strangers and jokes from your family. But hey, its paid for, right? You don't have to pay a huge new car payment. The question remains, do you still have to get car insurance for this piece of junk? The short answer is yes, you need to get a car insurance quote for your old beater.

Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Is Required

Every state in the United States requires that drivers carry a minimum level of car insurance. This usually comes in the form of liability insurance. Liability insurance will cover bodily or vehicle damage in an accident that is your fault. It will cover damage done to the other vehicle, and in some cases, it will cover the damage done to you and your vehicle as well. So, no matter how ugly or beaten your vehicle, you still need to carry liability coverage to cover the damages you may inflict on another vehicle or person during an accident. You can get cheap car insurance quotes for liability coverage from several providers.

Cheap Car Insurance for Used Cars

The good news is, you will get very cheap car insurance quotes for a used car. Of course, it depends on the age, make and model of the vehicle, as well as your driving record, credit history and other factors. However, if you need coverage for a car or truck that is over ten or twenty years old you'll get extremely cheap car insurance quotes. The newer the vehicle, the higher the car insurance quote will be.

Saving Money on Car Insurance for Used Cars

As we said, all states require some form of minimum car insurance. The good news is, you don't have to pay for comprehensive or collision coverage for the old piece of junk. Of course, you can include comprehensive or collision coverage in your car insurance quote, but its not required, and often a waste of money. It all depends on the age and value of your vehicle. If the value of the car is less than the deductible you would pay, why even get collision or comprehensive coverage? It will be cheaper just to send the car to the dump and buy a different one. Even if you can get cheap car insurance quotes, calculate the value of the car and compare it to your premiums and deductible and see if it is in fact a wise investment.

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