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Unique And Bizarre Car Insurance Claims

Car insurance allows an average person to be prepared for the unexpected. Unexpected events can be strange or simply unbelievable. Many events that occur in life are odd and will catch those who are uninsured off guard. Details of weird events sometimes can be uncovered through investigations conducted by car insurance companies. Car insurance claims will involve an explanation as to what happened. Here are a few instances of what can unexpectedly happen on the road, and affect car insurance rates.

Many motorists are concerned about creating a car insurance claim. They are concerned that their car insurance rate will immediately change. There are some instances that happen that are non-fault car insurance claims. For example, in many states, when a bird, person, frozen squirrel, or rock hits your windshield it may be considered a no-fault claim. Frozen animals, furniture flying off trucks, or fallen tree branches may be difficult to explain. These freak accidents could occur while a driver is operating a vehicle at the correct rate of speed and obeying local driving laws. Naked pedestrians have reportedly thrown themselves onto the windshields of parked cars and maniacally run into oncoming traffic.

Further, people driving to the hospital for an emergency are not generally thinking clearly. Drivers do not correctly judge their ability to operate a vehicle when they are physically injured. Limbs have been known to fly out windows while driving, rendering the driver unable to brake or push the gas pedal. Being sleepy may be equivalent to being drunk. When people are extremely tired, they lose moments of conscious time while driving. They may be catching small amounts of sleep while driving. Drivers who are extremely tired may fall asleep at the wheel and slow down significantly in speed. The driver may crash into whatever stationary object is in the direction of the steering wheel. This unsuspecting target could be a home, parked car, business or person.

Obstacles on the surface of the road may not be seen. In one instance, carrots that were rotting from a huge stack caused a driver to spin out of control and into a ditch. The dumped carrots had begun to decompose, and the sludge caused the roads to become slick and unsafe for drivers. In another situation, one motorist received damage to a parked car when a camel walked by and kicked his car. He was simply visiting a local garden center. This particular motorist was fully compensated for the damages because the incident was caught on closed circuit television. In yet another accident, a woman was hit from behind due to a bird flying into the driver's seat through a rolled down window. The frantic driver opened her car door and began trying to remove the bird. An oncoming car in the next lane was not paying attention and ran into the open car door.

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