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Understanding Mechanical Breakdown Car Insurance Coverage

Car insurance is mandatory for all new and used vehicles that are being driven. There are numerous insurance companies that can offer you affordable car insurance. You can walk into an agency or broker, or you can obtain a car insurance quote online. No matter where you purchase your auto car insurance policy, you need to be aware of the coverage and exclusions.

When you get car insurance estimates, you are often quoted for several different packages. You must have liability insurance, which covers damages or injuries to third parties as well as injuries to you and others in your vehicle. Optional coverage includes collision, which covers damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident that is your fault, and comprehensive insurance, which covers damage resulting from theft, vandalism, hail, or animal collision. You can also add uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage, which will pay for damages or injuries of an accident caused by someone who doesn't carry adequate insurance.

There is also an additional coverage that you can purchase called mechanical breakdown insurance. Basic insurance policies will not cover damages or repairs needed as a result of a mechanical breakdown; however, this coverage will. There are several levels of coverage, which range from the most basic – engine and transmission; to more inclusive packages – steering, brakes, air conditioning; to the most comprehensive coverage – all of the above. If you need to make a claim for this insurance coverage, most insurance companies offer a toll free number as well as 24/7 claims service. Keep in mind that the coverage only covers up to a certain amount of mileage or for so many years of ownership. This will be reviewed by your insurance agent.

As well, towing, car rental, travel, and tire hazard benefits are available for both used and new vehicles. There are some regulations and requirements that you must follow. In order to add this coverage onto your new vehicle, you must purchase it before the dealership's warranty expires. If you have a used vehicle, you must add this insurance on within a week of purchase. The coverage and premiums are all regulated by each state's insurance department. This ensures that consumers are paying a fair amount for their insurance. If your vehicle breaks down out of your home state, you will still be covered. You are usually permitted to seek the professional services of whichever garage or mechanic you want. Make sure to look for a car insurance quote online to find affordable car insurance. Consider all of the above information when getting car insurance estimates so that you can ensure you are fully covered.

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