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Three Types Of Drivers That Will See Higher Car Insurance Quotes

A car insurance quote can vary a great deal depending on driver types. There are several aspects of your life that you have very little control over, yet directly impact how much you will pay for car insurance. Your age, gender, driving record, and the type of car you drive all make a difference. People who drive further or more often will also tend to pay more for their car insurance. The car insurance company sets a rate based on the likelihood that you will get into an accident or need to make a claim. People who offer a higher risk of making a claim will pay higher insurance rates.

Men Pay More than Women

It may seem unfair, but men really do pay more for car insurance than women. A man will get a higher car insurance quote simply because he is male. Research shows that more men get into car accidents than women. The underlying theory is that men tend to be more aggressive behind the wheel than women. Men also tend to drive further and more often, which increases their odds for getting into a car accident. Even when a man and woman share a car insurance policy, the man will traditionally pay more than the woman. Unmarried Drivers Pay More

When insurance companies consider driver types, they look at your marital status to establish your stability. In general, married people tend to lead more sedate lives than unmarried people. When someone is in an established marriage, they probably drive to and from work and spend most of their evenings at home. While this may seem stereotypical and does not apply to every unmarried individual, there is enough of an established pattern of unmarried people being involved in accidents that insurance companies feel it is necessary to charge unmarried people higher rates. Drivers of Expensive Vehicles

The type of car you drive has a large impact on the car insurance quotes you receive. The insurance company needs to make sure that you are paying enough to cover their costs if you should ever be in an accident. Expensive cars can cost more to repair when they are damaged. That means that the insurance company needs to charge the drivers more to insure a car that carries a high price tag. Many of the most expensive cars are also high powered and sporty. People who drive these powerful machines may be more tempted to drive recklessly or speed, which can lead to an accident. The car insurance quote includes an assessment of general driver types based on the kind of car they drive on a daily basis.

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