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What Type Of Traffic Violations Most Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

The average individual complains about the amount of money that is spent annually on car insurance premiums. Many people fail to realize that the information on a driving record is what determines the car insurance premiums. Some feel that one or two speeding tickets should not have a negative effect on the rates. It is best to know what violations are listed on a driving record. If a car insurance quote is requested and a premium that is substantially high is quoted, make sure the charges on the driving record are accurate. It would be wise to obtain several car insurance quotes prior to making a final decision.

Driving without insurance is one of the violations that will cause a hefty premium to be charged. This violation will put the driver into a high risk pool. The individual must obtain a SR-22 which tells all insurance companies that the driver is considered high risk. The SR-22 will show up on a driving record for at least three to five years. Speeding tickets will drive the premiums up especially if they fall into the reckless driving category along with adding points on the driving record. Each point represents additional premiums.

DWI tickets and at fault accidents will cause the insurance agents to see dollar signs. Many people will go to traffic school so that some of the points can be removed from the driving record. There are traffic violation car insurance companies that will only offer coverage to high risk drivers. One major traffic ticket can increase an individual's premium by $100 per month. The young drivers are the habitual offenders. If a young driver has the opportunity to get a sports car, it is easy to rack up speeding tickets at a fast rate. Once a suspension is placed on a driving record, expect to pay additional insurance premiums for at least 5 years or more.

Once an individual is charged a high premium for a few years, it should change the thought pattern of most drivers. The importance of maintaining a good driving record will definitely help to when it comes to saving money. Whenever there are teenagers in a household, it is wise to emphasize the importance of following the rules of the road. Many people will take the chance and drive without insurance because of not being able to afford it. The seat belt law is in effect in numerous states but most people think that it is a joke until being pulled over. What was a night of joy riding can turn into a year of tears and financial stress when trying to pay high car insurance premiums.

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