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How Will the Type of Vehicle I Drive Affect my Car Insurance Quote?

Whether or not you will be able to get cheap car insurance for your vehicle is largely a matter the car you drive. The type of car in your driveway will have a profound effect on the types of online insurance quotes you will receive. Obviously, it’s impossible to discuss every type of vehicle, but here are a few general rules:

The pricier the car, the higher the insurance: This obviously makes sense. The more a car is worth, the more an insurance company will have to pay to repair or replace it if it is in an accident. If you’re planning to spend 50 or 60 thousand for your next vehicle, the chances that you will be able to get cheap car insurance are quite slim.

Muscle cars are usually more expensive to insure: The reason why powerful performance cars are more expensive to insure has less to do with the car itself than with the types of individuals who usually drive them. For instance, somebody who is interested in a Jaguar or a convertible will probably be more likely to speed and take chances while driving than those interested in more practical models. The likelihood of accidents and claims is higher with performance cars, so don’t be surprised when the online insurance quotes you get for these vehicles are high.

Highly sought after cars carry higher premiums: If you have the car of the year that everybody wants to get their hands on, it will cost you more to insure it. Unfortunately, popular cars get stolen more often, which means increased risk for the insurance provider.

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