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Two Ways That Auto Insurance Companies Will Check Up On Mechanics

Car insurance quotes seem to be ever on the rise, and drivers are always concerned that they are going to do or say something to insurance adjustors that will make their rates skyrocket. But while insurance companies do check up on drivers after an accident and do their best to ensure that a driver is telling the absolute truth when it comes to a collision, an insurance company will also do its best to check up on a number of other parties that are involved in the claims process. In addition to other drivers involved and their insurance companies, a provider will often take the time to check up on a mechanic to make sure that the work they are doing is both professional and above board.

Part of the payment for car insurance quotes goes into giving adjustors the power to check up on mechanics and other professionals so that the insurance company does not get taken advantage of. In order to keep rates as low as possible and avoid monetary loss, insurance companies must take the time to check up on anyone involved in a claim, including mechanics and body shops. This checking up starts when a car is taken to a body shop for repairs. Insurance adjustors will call the shop and ask what kind of damage the car has sustained, and then match that to the description of the accident provided by the insured. Next, the company will ask for an estimate of the damage and repairs from the mechanic, which they will examine. It is here that they look for any discrepancies or extra work to the car that is not necessary. If any such work appears, they will question the mechanic.

Next, companies will send out adjustors in person to examine the vehicle and assess its state. In some cases, these adjustors will determine that a car is a total loss even if the mechanic has said that it is in a salvageable state. Adjustors have the ultimate power in this regard. Even once the work has been approved, companies will continue to check up on body shops by going back to see the finished product and make sure that the car is once again road worthy. Any shop that attempts to take more money than they are owed or cannot professionally repair a vehicle will be prohibited from fixing any vehicles for an insurance company and receive no compensation.

This checking up can be very useful for both a driver's car and that of any other drivers in a collision - it keeps both mechanics honest and fraudulent insurance claims at a minimum.

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